Railway Equipment


  •  DC Voltage Detectors to test for the presence or absence of supply voltage in railway installations. Based on the requirements of IEC/SANS 61243-2, the Voltage Detector PHE/G can be used in wet weather conditions for voltages up 3kVDC. The Voltage Detector PHE/G complies with the requirements of Transnet Technology Management specifications and is Transnet approved.
  • Insulating rods for earthing and short-circuiting systems – The CM-46 Series insulating rods are made of IEC-60855 compliant foam filled tubes. These elements are assembled using a new safety bayonet connecting system in aluminium alloy. They allow construction of a large variety of custom made insulating rods that meet the most varied conditions of applications. Calibrated lengths of 1 to 3 meters (with fractions of 0.50 m) permit a huge number of applications. This range allows for insulating rod length limitation in case of space requirements and carrying capabilities. For common applications, a series of complete sets including 2 or 3 elements can be assembled to give simple solutions for working distances from 2 to 6 meters.
  • The ZPTVZCR 5603 Series adjustable multipoint telescopic insulating rods consist of 3 epoxy reinforced fibre-glass sections that are individually adjustable to the required operating length, with an eccentric cam lever clamping system. The length of 5,6m can be further extended with the attachment of an additional 2m extension element.
  • Earthing and short-circuiting systems for railway installations – Portable earthing and short-circuiting equipment for connection between overhead catenaries or conductors and the rail as well as for shunting rail-to-rail connections. Phase clamps are made of lightweight Aluminium alloys for single or double catenary or conductor systems up to 40mm diameter. A wide range of rail clamps for connecting to the rail flange, onto the top of the rail or clamps for under rail applications provides ideal earthing and short-circuiting solutions.\
  • DC Wave Filter and Surge Capacitors (Transnet Approved) – Rated at 3,4kVDC, the 10F, 20F and 50F ZEZ Silko wave filter capacitors are used for harmonic filtering in 3kVDC traction substations. The capacitors are used with resonant shunts to reduce the magnitude of the 6th, 12th, 18th and 24th harmonics at the busbar of the 3kVDC rectifier traction sub-station. The 3kVDC/4F ZEZ Silko capacitor is used to protect Transnet Freight Rail electrical equipment against surges caused by lightning. The ZEZ Silko capacitors use All Film technology, the dielectric is polypropylene foil impregnated with non-toxic, non-PCB environmentally friendly and biodegradable synthetic oil. Capacitor discharge is effectively achieved by internal discharge resistors that will discharge the capacitor voltage to 50V within 5 minutes. The capacitor cases and mounting brackets are manufactured from Stainless Steel that is polyurethane coated to ensure prolonged durability. The capacitors are supplied standard as temperature category -40/C capacitors, which allow for operating in ambient temperatures of up to 50°C. The wave filter and surge absorber capacitors are Transnet approved and comply with the Transnet Technology Management specifications BBB3139 and CEE0115 respectively.