The capacitors and capacitor banks are used in the energy sector (power factor correction), green energy generation (wind and photovoltaic power plants), traction systems and induction heating equipment.
 Medium & Low Voltage Power Capacitors. -  Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks.
 Low Voltage Capacitor Banks. -  Induction Furnace Capacitors.
 Surge Capacitors. -  Capacitors for Power Electronics.
 Current Reactors. -  Power Factor Correction Controllers.
 Contactors. -  Current Transformers.
 Voltage Transformers.


The comprehensive range of market-leading test and measurement equipment and solutions will provide you with accurate diagnostic results, when you need it. This will help you make the right decision about your critical electrical assets and to ensure the safety and reliability of your power system.
 Power Apparatus Analysers. -  Automated Insulation Analysers.
 Sweep Frequency Response Analysers. -  Intelligent Diagnostic Devices. -  Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitors.
 Partial Discharge Surveying & Testing Equipment. -  Moisture Sensors. -  Circuit Breaker Test Instruments.
 Leakage Current Monitors. -  Electrical Safety Equipment


Live electrical working is defined as work performed on or near electrical equipment that is at a voltage by being connected to a source of electricity. The live parts are exposed so that they can be touched either directly or indirectly by means of some conducting object that is either live at a dangerous energy level or dangerous potential.
 Equipment Covers – Insulating blankets, line hoses and insulator covers.
 Floor Covers – Insulating sub-station floor mats and insulating standing platforms.
 Working Tools – Insulated tools and equipment.
 Personal Protective Equipment – Insulating gloves and insulating sleeves.


The protective clothing and equipment are intended to protect personnel against the thermal hazards of an electric arc event.

The protective clothing is manufactured from DuPont™ Nomex and Protera® NFPA 70E-compliant fabrics that are breathable, lightweight and provide electricians, utility workers, and other industrial workers with inherently flame-resistant protection.
 Arc Rated Body Protection – Flash Suits, Conti Suits, Boiler Suits, Shirts, Chino Trousers and under garments. -  Arc Rated Head and Face Protection - Safety Helmets, Face Shields, Flash Hoods and Balaclavas. -  Arc Rated Hand Protection – Gloves for live working and switching. -  Arc Rated Covers - Blankets and Covering Materials.


Electrical lockout procedures must be followed and safe isolation from supply voltage must be verified before work can commence on electrical equipment or installations. By locking out, testing, earthing and barricading, electrical equipment and installations can be made safe for personnel to work on.
 Voltage Detectors for switchgear and overhead line applications.
 Phase Comparators.
 Voltage Detecting Systems.
 Operating and Switching Rods
 Portable Earthing Equipment.