• Electrical insulating mats and insulating standing platforms are used for electrical protection of operators during work or interventions on electrical installations. The insulating platforms can be used indoors and outdoors for voltages up to 63kV/50Hz. Insulating mats comply with IEC 61111 and provide electrical insulation when working at nominal voltages up to 36kV a.c. and 54kV d.c.
  • Insulated tools and equipment comply with the NF EN 60900 and IEC 60900 To meet the requirements of these standards, the insulated tools undergo 10 000Volt dielectric testing and many mechanical tests, including impact tests, adhesion tests and puncture tests. Using dual material with non-slip “SOFTGRIP”® injected material for operator comfort, the tools are for working live at nominal voltage up to 1000 V a.c and 1500 V d.c.
  • Insulating gloves offer personal protection against electrical shock when working on or near live equipment or conductors. The gloves comply with the requirements of IEC/SANS 60903 standards and undergo dielectric testing, ageing, and mechanical testing. Insulating rubber gloves provide high dielectric performance and must be used with leather protective overgloves for mechanical protection. Composite insulating gloves offer superior mechanical protection against punctures and tears and do not require the use of leather protective overgloves.
  • Insulating blankets, conductor and insulator covers are used to protect workers from accidental contact with live or earthed electrical conductors, apparatus or circuits and to avoid short circuits on electrical installations. Complying with IEC 61112 standard Class 0 specifications for operating voltages of 1000V a.c. and 1500V d.c.