Every year, arc faults cause severe personal injury and extensive damage to electrical installations that result in high production downtime costs. Even in the most modern switchgear assemblies, the risk of an arc fault cannot be completely eliminated. Within a few milliseconds, high amounts of energy are released, generating heat, a pressure wave and toxic gases similar to an explosion. Persons in the vicinity of switchgear assemblies are severely injured or even killed. The switchgear assembly is extensively damaged and must often be completely replaced which can take several weeks. Damage can be reliably limited by using arc fault protection systems.

Arc fault protection system DEHNshort is a modular arc fault protection system which detects arc faults with the help of current and light sensors. Thanks to its short response time of a few milliseconds, the incident energy is reduced to a minimum. DEHNshort takes the protection of persons and systems to another level and by far exceeds the requirements of the currently applicable IEC TR 61641* standard.

 Mobile Arc Fault Protection System DEHNarc protects persons from the effects of an arc fault during live working. It detects arc faults in an installation and immediately causes a short-circuit which trips the upstream overcurrent protective device. Consequently, the incident energy is considerably reduced. The protection system DEHNarc significantly limits the thermal effects of arc faults. The mobile components of the DEHNarc can be integrated in an open switchgear installation within a few seconds, removed after the work has been carried out and used again for the next installation. This increases flexibility and minimises investment costs.